Poly Crystalline PV Panels

Poly Crystalline PV Panels

Our Smart Series Solar PV Module featuring 60 and 72 nos. of Poly Crystalline Cells having 5 Bus Bars.

Power RangeUp to 340 Wp

EfficiencyUp to 17.26%

Poly Crystalline PV Panels


Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks

1500 VDC System
Voltage for Lower BOS Cost

Modules binned by current
to improve system performance

Glass with Anti Reflective Coating Improves Light Transmission

IEC Certified

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

BIS Approved

25 Years Linear Power Warranty

Poly Crystalline PV Panels Features

Superior Module Efficiency

Up to 21.5% Module Efficiency to get the best of sunlight

High Mechanical Load Bearing

With stands high velocity wind

Lower Operating Temperature

Provides excellent generation on hot days

Lower LCOE

Provides best ROI by optimization of Sunlight

Higher Power Output

Manages efficient utilization of Solar

Projects Powered
by Redren PV Modules

Our engineers are very well trained to execute any scale of projects with ease. Here are some of our projects with details.